My Selections

“National Day of  Giulia Norbedo’s e-mails ” – it is always a good time to update your email.

It seemed to me a good idea to tell you how my selections were.

I have chosen to send the application because I wanted to be in challenge and for myself. I really wanted to attend two years in one of the 15 Colleges.

I remember filling out the application on December 8, having printed the last selfie  I had taken and I asked  to the Italian teacher of the biennium to write the reference letter. The next day I sent my mother to the post office to send the envelope.

December 19 (it was Friday) I get an email saying that there was no documentation in electronic format. Desperate I get home and try to recover as much as possible and send all  via e-mail because the deadline was December 21. I think I called 10 times the poor gentleman of the college to ask if my email had arrived.

After the Christmas holidays I got the communication to present myself in the seat of the Duino College on January 31(Sunday). In the meantime I kept informed about what was happening around me, reading L’Espresso, watching the news and downloading the app from the BBC. I did many test about general knowledge and I tried to memorize as many  names of heads of state and ministers as I could. You can not understand the trouble of remembering Viktor Orban XD.

The day of the Interregional selections I woke up at 4 AM and at I 6 was in the car ready for the day ahead, although I was voiceless. With the fear of being late and finding traffic I arrived at 7:30 . I had to wait 1 hour before the start.

*** Very important: dress with clothes that make you feel at ease and I what did I choose? The jacket. 😍 (I’m secretly in love with jackets) ***

Meanwhile I was having breakfast, other guys had begun to arrive. At 9 they recorded our entry, took the photo of us and gave us a label with our names. After that  we did the tests which included: understanding of current issues in Italian, Italian grammar, logic and mathematics and general knowledge questions (ops a lot of  ministers names😱). After this phase, in which we did not need voice and in which I had become completely red, we started the presentations and the group activities. The guys who were there were very kind, because while I was”talking” / whispering they were silent and listened to me.

While we were making the group games and the selectors were writing what we were saying or just making a sign to evaluate our performance, one at a time we were called for the interview. My interview was at 18.55 even though I had no voice, I was still active and full of energy! I remember very well all the questions about current events linked with the journeys I had done and the initial compliments for my oxfords.

At the end of the interview (about 19:10) , I could come back to home, satisfied, happy anr and very very tired. The next 2 weeks were a pain because I had to get the email from the secretary of the college. When I saw my admission to the national selections I had jumped for happiness, and I began to make a preference list of the Colleges. On the top there was Canada, then Singapore and on the third China. On the last place, hard to imagine, ther was Duino. Too close to home.

At this stage we should not think of the transportation costs, bureaucracy and how far away we are from family, but only on what we aspire, because it happens just once in a lifetime! (Of course the costs are important, but for once just try to think which country would you feel more in harmony with).

The national selections were held on 5 and 6 March in Duino. We were 36 guys from different part of Italy. To note: the college had kept us there to sleep! 😉 For the national selections I’d chosen another jacket(a striped red and sugar paper jacket) and I had to fit everything into a small rucksack. On my arrival there, there were already other guys and I quickly made friends with Antonella Panzardi girl of Basilicata which attends two years at UWC Adriatic, Benedetta Morari, Paduan girl adopted by UWC USA and Benedetta Mariani, Sardinian girl, also my roommate and she like Antonella will be established in Duino for 2 years. This time the 18 examiners had taken us in the auditorium where we started immediately with group activities. The whole day was full of funny moments. Even at the nationals there was an individual interview. But this was rather nice! It wasn’t necessary to know by heart the newspaper, here you had simply to answer questions to make them understand who we were. In 30 minutes the commission outlined a profile of who really was the person in front of them.

The second day of selection was much more relaxed and we all knew each other well. We had already created WhatsApp group and exchanged Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The next few days were the hell(Dante’s Inferno was not that hot), some went out from the WhatsApp group for continuous jokes of others who said they had received e-mails from the College about the outcome. Finally on Friday 11, at about 20:45 e-mails began to be sent and that was how we declared that 11 March is the national day of Giulia Norbedo’s e-mails. The joy of reading that I was on the first 35 was so great that I started to cry!

I do not know if I have to thank the people that did the selections with me, the commission, my friends or my family, but certainly it’s because of what I had faced and who I met that I could be lucky enough to attend two years at UWC.